In a city like Vancouver, with a beautiful setting and a high quality of life by world standards, it can be easy for us to forget those among us who are hurting and in need. Even aside from the few neighbourhoods which have some of the highest poverty rates in Canada, within many of our diverse communities, we find people and families who are refugees, sick, elderly, widowed, poor, and broken.

19Twenty Church is a part of this community and we even affirm it with our name, taken from our place in the neighbourhood: “1920” Argyle Drive.

As God calls us to love Him and our neighbour, and as we are also called to be His hands and feet, we desire to be disciples, imitators and followers of Jesus who not only hear what He says but do it.

19Twenty’s Action Love ministry is one of the ways we are taking God’s love into our community, by serving to address some of its human needs.

We also do fundraising throughout the year and two on going fundraiser you can be a part of is our gift card program and household plants orders. When you buy a gift card or plant a portion of your purchase will go into our Action Love ministry. You will find a gift card order form attached at the bottom of this page and a link to the households plant order page below.

If you would like to become involved with Action Love then contact pastor Jarno at

Household Plant Orders: