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This February 11th @ 2:00pm we are launching "Equip to Serve" by Discipleship International for all our leaders and church goers. This is the year for you to grow in maturity in your faith in Jesus Christ and a big part of that is your willingness to be discipled.

If you are registered and joining us via Zoom online, please use this link and wait to be let into the meeting.

In the Equip to Serve training, you will be using the ETS books with your small group and ETS group leader to develop a deeper relationship with God through daily quiet times, scripture memory, learning to share your faith and disciple others.

Why be discipled you ask? 

A person is more likely to persevere in training if someone is keeping them accountable, so is a Christian more likely to persevere if consistent in the foundations of the faith. Reading the Word, memorizing scripture and sharing our faith are key to maturing in Christ. When someone walks the journey with them and has a vested interest in their spiritual maturity, growth takes place.

Discipleship International focuses on second base in a Christians’ walk, while first base represents salvation, and third base serving. Most Christians have not spent a lot of time establishing and equipping themselves in their faith that they may reach maturity and be used by God more effectively in serving because the serving comes out of a deep relationship with Christ.