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Hello church! There is lots going on with our church and sometimes some of the "behind the scenes" things don't get communicated enough. So we thought we'd begin providing these church updates to you all via our website/newsletters. Please have a read through this first one and let us know if you would like to get involved. Enjoy!

Basement Renovation:

The church basement renovations have made progress this fall season. However, delays have occurred due to issues with the insurance agency. In September, a new insurance adjuster was appointed to our case, who visited the site for assessment. Additionally, new contractors and trades workers were involved in taking measurements and providing estimates for the work. The church board of directors is actively collaborating with advisors to expedite the completion of the project. Notably, the installation of new kitchen cabinets marks the recent progress in early November.A design committee has been formed to aid in space planning and furnishing for both the basement and the front foyer. Your prayers for a swift resolution with the insurance agency and timely completion of the work are greatly appreciated.


Daycare Rental:

We explored the possibility of making a rental space available for a daycare provider. Initially, the basement space was considered, but the lack of windows hindered its feasibility. Subsequently, the fellowship hall was evaluated, yet it posed challenges with space usage requirements and was ultimately deemed unsuitable. Upon considering the use of the upstairs nursery rooms, the associated costs of necessary changes revealed it to be impractical. Consequently, the church board has decided to suspend this initiative and has communicated this decision to the daycare group.

Wall Banner:

We are currently in the process of designing a large display banner for the front wall of the church building facing Argyle Drive. The purpose of the banner is to serve as a warm invitation to passersby and welcome them to join our church family.

Christmas Season:

This Christmas, the church leadership has been discussing the installation of a beautiful Christmas lights display for the front of the church along Argyle Drive. The lights will be arranged in a traditional style, featuring white lights with a possible accent colour. If you possess skills in designing Christmas light displays, we would greatly appreciate your assistance. Additionally, if you simply wish to participate in putting up the lights, your involvement is more than welcome, this will take place during the last week of November. Please reach out to Pastor Jarno or Kimmo if you are interested. Furthermore, we will be decorating the interior of the church during the last week of November, and any assistance during this time would be highly valued.


During December, our church has a flurry of activities planned:

  • Action Love is once again organizing 40 Christmas hampers for families in need within our community. We are collaborating with the VSB counsellors in local schools to identify these families and ensure they receive the hampers. On Thursday, December 7th, at 6:30pm, there will be a heartwarming Christmas Dessert event. Families are invited to pick up their hampers, meet each other, sing Christmas carols, indulge in desserts, and watch a Billy Graham video. Each hamper costs approximately $100. If you wish to support this ministry, kindly designate your gift with the tag "Action Love" in the appropriate section when you make your contribution. Please pray that families would encounter the love of Jesus through these good works.


  • On Saturday, December 9th, we are hosting a Christmas Bazaar from 10:00am to 1:00pm. Various vendors will be showcasing their goods, and a percentage of the sales will contribute to a selected ministry. The specific ministry to benefit from the proceeds will be announced closer to the event date.


  • Join us on Sunday, December 17th, for our annual Christmas Celebration Concert at 5:30pm. It's an excellent opportunity to invite friends and neighbours to enjoy an evening filled with enchanting Christmas melodies and a meaningful Christmas message. Please note that there will be no morning service on this Sunday.


We look forward to sharing the joy of the Christmas season with you as we celebrate the birth of our Saviour & Lord, Jesus Christ.