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Get involved in bringing hope and a future to Ukraine

A reminder that Fida is postponing our annual 'Food for Life' campaign to August-September and prioritising the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. We are inviting churches to get involved and respond to the acute crisis, by both praying and donating.

Current prayer requests:

· Wisdom, patience, and sensitivity for emergency accommodation workers as they meet refugees

· Successful delivery of humanitarian aid in Ukraine. So far, the ceasefires have not held, so it has not been possible to deliver aid where it is needed (food is running out for those who have not yet fled Ukraine)

· Strength for all the Roma mission workers in Hungary, who have a heavy workload. (Accommodating 200 people on their premises.)

· For Roma refugee families, to have peace and rest amidst all the fear, despair, and anguish.

· Protection for Roma who cross the border so as not to fall into the clutches of human-traffickers.

· For Roma mission workers in Slovakia, strength, and patience, for humanitarian work in finding places for Roma refugees to sleep.

· Our partners in Ukraine in Uzhkorod and Shepetovka, who take care of the refugees, feeding and housing them.

· On behalf of the Fida team on the Hungarian side who need strength, for long and exhausting days. (Aarne and Pirjo-Riitta Törmänen, Janne and Anne Harjukoski and Milka Myllynen and Arto Karvonen)