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We have started a sermon series on Gospel of John entitled "Gospel of Life". Even though this Gospel can be called with many good descriptive names, Gospel of Life goes into the core of the message of that beloved Gospel. 
In the end of the book, John points out that the reason why he wrote all this is that the readers by believing in Jesus, Son of God, one would have (eternal) life. In the beginning of his account, he claims that in the Logos was life and darkness could not comprehend (or put out) that light. Throughout the Gospel there is this message that one can have life only in Jesus/believing in Jesus, because he is the only "way, truth and life" that can take one into the fellowship with the Father. 
My friend, are you living that life; eternal life; abundant life that only Jesus can give? Read John's Gospel and you find out how rich is the life that is in Him.